what a whack

What a weekend. pops and stepmom got married (finally!) A bunch of walking up and down the boulevard, seeing and meeting a lot of .. interesting people, especially the monocycling stripper card info handlers. Had fun wandering in and out of casinos, and guess who won $250?! 🙂 shhh!

San Francisco. Cali. I never knew I had tons of immediate family ova thurr. I met new cousins, aunts, uncles, and they are all great. There are a lot of people who looked like me in San Jose, seriously. I only spent 2 days, and all I got was the topping of the cake that is california. I plan to visit there again sometime. Speak of beaches, rad night life, halo-halo, fresh seafood! 

But the real deal was the wedding. A very simple, private, and intimate one.  I’m really happy for both of them, especially my dad. He had done a lot of things for his family and I that he really deserved that moment to finally be with someone who he can spend the rest of his life with. Words really can’t express how happy I am for him.

Of course this post isn’t complete without pics. I’ll post some up later. Gotta catch up with school work. bah, im so behind.



I’ve been duking it out the past two, three weeks. Never thought I’d be that bloody mary busy with school stuff and here I am still trying to settle in my new place. I’m still missing a bedframe! I guess I’m getting acquainted at my rocking cot with a matress on top which effectively lulls me to sleep at night.

Vegas wedding


Ugh. Today.

Six hours of computer coding. Now I’m behind the rest of my classes

What a pooper.

Fall Blues


What I’m looking forward to. My fur coat is itching to be worn.

Woo. First Post.

So… I just created one of these things. Hmm. So many things. Tweak this, twist that, customize this.. blah blah. Why did I do this? I dunno. We’ll see, but I swear it’s not about me angsting about pointless whinings, but I guess this something where I can put my thoughts, ramblings, and other random encounters in my own mini-lala-land world. Yeah. Keep posted.