what a whack

What a weekend. pops and stepmom got married (finally!) A bunch of walking up and down the boulevard, seeing and meeting a lot of .. interesting people, especially the monocycling stripper card info handlers. Had fun wandering in and out of casinos, and guess who won $250?! 🙂 shhh!

San Francisco. Cali. I never knew I had tons of immediate family ova thurr. I met new cousins, aunts, uncles, and they are all great. There are a lot of people who looked like me in San Jose, seriously. I only spent 2 days, and all I got was the topping of the cake that is california. I plan to visit there again sometime. Speak of beaches, rad night life, halo-halo, fresh seafood! 

But the real deal was the wedding. A very simple, private, and intimate one.  I’m really happy for both of them, especially my dad. He had done a lot of things for his family and I that he really deserved that moment to finally be with someone who he can spend the rest of his life with. Words really can’t express how happy I am for him.

Of course this post isn’t complete without pics. I’ll post some up later. Gotta catch up with school work. bah, im so behind.

2 Responses to “what a whack”

  1. sandi Says:

    hey, where is my tabo?

  2. Gerald G Says:

    hehe.. i miss using a tabo. showerheads just can’t produce the same momentum of the water splash. I still owe you a tabo, though.

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