I woke up today:

“Oh, thats right, this is me, duh,”

“That’s a real nice beach poster, it’s calling out my name.”

“Hmmm.. warm and cozy in this bed. I wonder if this is a vibrating warm water bed..”

“Where am I? Oh, my room.”


One of the best feelings in the world actually goes on unnoticed and completely underrated and by any means. I am talking about that 4-or-so-second moment right after you wake up in the morning after a good night sleep. A moment of time where it feels like I was new to the world, with my mind being completely oblivious to everything except for the baby monkey poster I have in my bedroom (which is the first thing I see when I wake up). This trip is only good for an extremely short amount of time, for it’s all back to normal again soon enough.

Sure, we live in a haywire world where busyness, self-fulfilling desires, and effective corporate advertising rule the lives of most people. One of the things that makes this experience great is that when I wake up, I am NOT forced to forget about the I have things to do today and any other stalking agenda from yesterday, the day before, or any time before the present. Rather, I wake up with what I would say.. a “clean slate,” a checkpoint where it’s up to me to decide on what to do from that point without repercussion to the past. Even for a short time, I can forget about deadlines, work and class schedule, the exact time and moment of where I am at, whether I’m hungry or not, issues to be resolved with other people, and even forget the earthly things that I desire, including my beloved iPod, travel plans to Europe, my lovely Fender Strat, my future CIA agent position, a feast of seafood(talk about calamari and all that good jazz) and the Buckeyes winning the National Championship again(which will happen soon). All of the above just for a mere moment of bliss. I can start new. More or less, there is a preview of the cake when all we get is just the tip of the icing. Does this sound familiar?

All I know is that every moment of our existence, is a gift from … who else? God. Walla! Every day when I wake up, I am given a chance that I don’t even deserve in the nth degree. I have a tremendous amount of faults that I am guilty of, but HE is good. He has always been knocking in our doors. He is very relentless to pursue our hearts, given that sometimes, we have other desires and earthly seeds in our hearts that would ultimately grow to something that will eventually consume. The peacefulness of mind will come only from His grace. So I guess that sliver of serenity in the morning tells me that there is MORE to life than mundane worries, social expectations, and earthly goals, not to say that these things are useless, for they are great in life! He wants us to enjoy our time on earth. So go out and be merry. But living life around Jesus, placing Him and only Him in our hearts is beyond comparable to anything that can be done otherwise.

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