Captain Planet is my Hero

There was just something about last night’s weather that struck me. Right after my Calculus midterm, which was very intruiging in terms of difficulty that I’d rather not talk about for it gives me the hives just thinking about it. It was cold. Windy. The leaves were flying and freaking out everywhere touching my feet. I was wearing flipflops and shorts(because the weather 6 hours ago was around mid-60s) . Then it also rained hardcore that later at night.

I dunno what was I thinking, as usual.

But what I knew was that on my journey from Postle Hall in the Dentistry College on my way alll the way back to my place at 14th, I was cold, shivering, and a little miserable just because of my body’s inability to generate enough heat to keep me warm (thus I envy elephants, cows, sea gargantuans and the like). Then here’s the booya part:

I actually enjoyed the cold weather, the winds’ whistlings, and the leaves encircling my feet as I walk back to my apartment. We don’t always get that kind of weather situation here in Ohio where it’s either hot and sunny or gray and humid. Then the rain with lightning flashes was awesome. Not trying to be corny with my descriptions but they were truly beautiful.

That kept me thinking, Wow.. I could actually appreciate God’s creations despite of my not-so-great condition! I didn’t heard myself grumbling that it was indeed freezing.

To wrap up, it just seems that people are always preoccupied with their own little boxed agenda, too busy to appreciate the nice little things around them. Especially here in corporate America, it’s all about the “me” attitude. It’s all about me. That’s satisfying for me. What’s in it for me. All for me. Me. Me. Me!! I guess some people are just missing out on some of the greatest things in life.  And these things are not “given” to us, I tell you that. Rather, it’s what we give out. The unsolicited, genuine little acts of love and kindness that we give out wholeheartedly.

On the other note, I checked out Chi Alpha Fellowship tonight. Good impression for a first time visitor. Laid back atmosphere, very friendly and welcoming people, and sincere worship. I think I’m gonna stick around for some time.

One Response to “Captain Planet is my Hero”

  1. sandralena Says:

    i’ve been looking at the sky a lot lately too! i think you’re taking my ideas. haha. you blog idea stealer. bah! 🙂

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