Prozac anyone?

Nowadays, I can’t help but notice that people aren’t that happy. Not the “happy-go-lucky? type, or the antithesis of depression, but that seemingly sinking feeling of uncontentment and emptyness that perpetually occurs.

But then what really is being happy? It’s a vague word.

Happiness, pleasure or joy is the emotional state of being happy. The definition of happiness is one of the greatest philosophical quandaries. Proposed definitions include freedom from want and distress, consciousness of the good order of things, assurance of one’s place in the universe or society, inner peace, and so forth…

So from this online definition, happiness comes to people as a self-fulfillment of something that is deeply desired. Maybe it’s an academic or career achievements. Or finding that special ’someone’. It could be obtaining rooted material things. Or maybe being ‘happy’ happens when we achieve that so called “American Dream.? Once we get these achievements, what now? Are we then truly happy as we bask in our own glorified interests? Do they even really matter?

In posting this, I am in no way depressed in some sort. In fact, life’s been more awesome lately! Just something about tonight’s observation from people who seemed to be masking themselves struck me. It concerns me a lot that when some people resort to a temporary solution to fill up an empty hole in their life, they are suddenly ‘happy’.  Or are they? Most of the time, this continual cycle of feeding the endless void goes on and on to keep that individual ‘happy’. Often times if not the birth of an addiction, a settlement for something less is acquired. Is this really the good life?

What is our deepest desire? Does it fullfill us? Maybe we’re not desiring enough. Maybe this not always about ‘us’. Or maybe it’s both, that we’re desiring too much of our interests for our own selves. Or it could be that it’s the other way around, that maybe what we deeply desire is not for the best of our interests…

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