Who Eats Jellified Cranberry Sauce?

Here we go. Thanksgiving weekend.

I had another awesome family gathering. When we mix a phenomenal all-around chef of different cuisines (my dad!) and a kitchen enthusiast aunt who never ever gets tired of trying out a new recipe, what do we get? Food Fest! Sure as heck my taste buds were screaming in orgasmic delight. 

If my stomach had its fill, my wallet the next day had its immediate, shocking bulimic panic attack. Lotions, moisturizers, spray mists, shower gel, cuticle cream? (eww). I was confused. Headache.. no, migraine sprouted as my sinuses couldn’t handle all the smell lingering around Victoria’s Secret oops.. did I reveal too much? and Bath and Body. Now, you’re probably wondering, and no, not for me but for the females on my Christmas list that were good so far this year. Mmm..k?

Other than that, Thanksgiving had been great this weekend, not because of the extravagant ginormous feast that we had or the taking advantage of deals in the malls the following day. I just realized that oftentimes I take for granted a lot of things I have, that there are tons of them that I should be thankful for (special mention to my friend Lydia for inspiring me in this post):

  • My life, which is nowhere perfect. It gave me a lot of strife and relief, and hardships and accomplishments along the way, and it was the best teacher I’ve ever had.
  • My family, although imperfect and broken, yet a loving and caring one.
  • The job I have. Not the best paying one, but I love it and it pays enough.
  • My friends. I’m not Mr. Popular, but I’m blessed with awesome loving brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • I’m not a star athlete by any means, but I have fully functional sets of legs, arms and a body that I take care of.
  • I don’t drive a BWM or sweet ricer car (haha), but my dad had given me a reliable car that takes me to places.
  • I’m not a rock star (yet), but I’ve had experience playing different kinds of musical instruments, and I better myself everyday practicing playing.
  • The places and cultures I’ve been exposed to. I might not be able to go whereever I feel like, but I’ve been, seen and experienced more than what most will ever will in their whole life.
  • I’m not a perfect communicator, but I can speak more than one language with an added plus of a sweet, sexy accent.
  • All that I need, not necessarily what I wanted, but it suffices enough. More than enough.
  • I don’t know what my future lies ahead of me, but looking back, I can see how God had guided and put me as to what I am now.

It is just amazing how oftentimes we have something a lot of things that we don’t really deserve in the first place.

Why? I don’t know.

But what I know is by giving ourselves up, we receive more than what we need, even more than what we could ever fathom to ask for.

5 Responses to “Who Eats Jellified Cranberry Sauce?”

  1. Jonalden DP. Ferrer Says:

    Hey bestie… as I can see you are happy with your life and very much thankful to our God for His Gifts… And I’m so happy for you… I can see high spirit ka ha…. Haha.. I just can’t wait for your comeback…. barely a week to go…. I’ll be waiting for you… bestie…..

  2. Jonalden DP. Ferrer Says:

    keep in touch… : )

  3. Lydia Says:

    Ahh you little idea theif. You shoulda just copied and pasted…

    …I’m not a published author…but I have friends that steal my written ideas and claim them as their own…”

    haha jk

  4. Lydia Says:

    okok so you gave me credit…. I guess I should thank you. But then I feel bad for making you feel bad that you didn’t. AHhh I just can’t win now can I?!

  5. Amy Says:

    hehe. I like the way you write.

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