A FAT Life

“Live life to the fullest!”

We hear this quote quite very often. In this society, those set of five words are blatantly used as some sort of a mechanism as a motivational phrase for finding self-worth and for justifying its proceeded actions.

Do the best you can, sieze the opportunity, follow your heart’s whisper, savor every moment’s magic, live up to your dreams and desires… blah blah blah…! Carpe diem!

I say, absolute load of crap.

I don’t think that very many of us fully understand what those words mean. What does it mean to live life to the fullest? How do we know to ‘live’ to it’s greater potential? And my favorite part… the fact that something has to be ‘filled’ denotes that it does indeed have a capacity. A limit. An end.

Take a look around. People are doing what they do in life because of what we deemed important (what is important?), driven from goals and aspirations, or maybe the lack thereof. We have been doing this since childhood.

We learn to play our favorite sports, try to be one or hang around the cool kids at school. Show off our cars, trophies and other goodies to others. Then we might continue on with higher education, graduate with a degree and land a prospective job, ready to play the game of corporate ladder ass kissing

Along the way, maybe after a few encounters and experimentations, we then pursue a relationship, trying to find that significant someone. Get married, have 2.5 children and a dog, live in the suburbs, kiss some more asses ’till you get that beach house along the coast, sending the brats away to their own while you take a sip of your salted golden margarita on the rocks while you lay on your hammock by the back porch overlooking a golf course ahead. Awesome!

Then what? What else is out there for you?

You die. Just like that.

What a life. What a ‘full’ life you’ve had, huh?

When I die, I certainly don’t want to, and definitely won’t be remembered by my material worth, bank account, social status, career achievements, and everything I’ve accomplished under my belt. All-time records will always be surpassed by somebody else, top notch recognitions and accomplishments will always be stored away in books, ready to rot in libraries, to be forgotten. Everything under the sun will cease to exist.

When I die, the only legacy I can leave behind is my essence. When everything under the sun cease to exist, my character will shine to the people in my life, to all of my family and dear friends that I love and absolutely care for, and to ones that I will encounter in the future. Don’t ever, ever take them for granted. Nothing can take away that moment whenever you take a moment to say ‘thank you’ whenever someone holds the door for you. Or calling somebody to say you care and want to spend time with them. When was the last time you sincerely told someone “I love you“? Little acts of love greatly kindles a fire of passion. So go ahead and live life to its fullest. Full in a sense that is in never-ending pursuit of far greater than of this world. No limits, no end, nothing at all.

4 Responses to “A FAT Life”

  1. adriana Says:


  2. adriana Says:

    I love this entry. Wow! Amen. For me, I’ve realized that I need to live for God. That he’s everything thats worthwhile. He’s whats essential. If I can live for him and die for him, without fear or shame or doubt I think I’ve reached my purpose. For me, LIFE, who was given to us by GOD can only be satisfied by GOD. I definitely know I dont want the beach house anymore…b/c thats not all there is. I feel bad for ppl who live life like that…b/c once they obtain it (their ultimate goal) they’ll see it wasn’t worthwhile. They’ll see that their life really wasn’t much. Gosh! I love this entry!

  3. Ate Ava Says:

    Gerald, i’m impressed! you definitely have some solid stuff in these writings. i’m proud. you have a way with words. it’d take me an hour write like this. Thanksgiving was a blast! pictures should be posted. i love the fact that our family couldn’t take a serious picture this year. I think the best one is the one where my dad is biting my shoulder, i’m screaming w/ my arms wailing in front of your mom. Your mom is cracking up, my mom has no clue whats going on…ryan has a cheezy grin, your dad has the same pose in all pictures and you are giving a weird look with two thumbs up. we have an amazing family!!!!! keep up the writings, i’ll check them more often since i’m liking what i see 😉 you are such a blessing in my life! thanks for always putting up w/ me. i’m thrilled to see what God has in store for u and to see you carry it out. i love you bunches! see u tomorrow. mwah*

  4. jeff Says:


    Awesome thoughts… I think you are capturing what Jesus meant when He said… that when one find’s the kingdom of God, it si the pearl of great price.. worth selling everything you have for Him.

    Have a great break… and be filled with the Holy Spirit daily! Live for the King! We have a mission to live for together!

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