Guess who’s back..?

I just got home about 3 hours ago and it feels weird writing up a post after being gone for three weeks. I deserve a cookie for not touching the internet for that long! But it also seems like I’m out of words to say even if my mind has a lot of stuff to blurt out from my trip. Blame the airplane ride. The super long journey. Gah.. dang jetlag. Typing as of now, it’s actually 2:48 AM here in Ohio when it would be 3:48 PM back in Manila. WIDE awake. Go figure. I still feel bittersweet leaving my mom and the best of my friends behind at the airport. Still thankful of the Christmas gift of a chance to spend it with them.

The vacation itself.

Awesome beyond even blogging it all out. It’ll worsen my carpal tunnel syndrome even thinking about typing it out. But I’ll do it anyways since experiences are invaluable lessons meant to be shared. I’m thrilled to share everything except for the fact that I’m braindead as of now.

Nevermind the fact of looong air time (21 hours! I almost lost a day!), accompanied by not-the-most-desirable airline food, followed by a rebooked connection flight from inspection delays, and topped by 2 hour delayed checked-in luggages. Those were nothing to complain about, because God has been good to me throughout the whole trip from the moment I left the great US of A all the way halfway around the world and back ’till to this very seat I sit as I type this entry on the computer.

But for now, gotta unpack! gather myself up together once again.

More to come! Oooo, and the bed looks warm and fuzzy. It’s calling out my name.

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