Trip to the Philippines ’05

It’s not about what I got, but what I’ve gotta give…


Christmas Day - cousins, many too few 

Taal Volcano, what a way to spend Christmas besides an active inlake volcano..

Christmas Dusk by the Taal Volcano, and yes, there are more cousins lurking around.

a tiny horse

You still want a pony for Christmas?

Christmas sunset

I like the accidental effect on this pic. Stroll along Roxas Blvd., Manila Bay

Best Pals - time tested!

FaKe cow...

... rEaL bull!

Halo-halo. The ultimate dessert.

Lechon! (before)

In ma' belly! (after)

Ladies, look away: Warm mango and apple fritters with vanilla ice cream on the side accompanied with Swiss marshmallows hot chocolate! I think I just gained five pounds typing all that.

Us trying to pose for an all-out serious 'emo' picture

Strike TWO! Let's try again.

Whatever, we give up =P

Aunt's Beach - back side

I love that tiki mini bar.

Yes, that dog can swim

told 'ya

Treehouse bar

Just us being us

Dumaguete Falls, Negros Island


Behold, the boulder hopping Houdini incarnate.

Jealous yet?

Last but not the least, mom and I.

Mom and I again.

I can’t possibly post all photos from the trip, but they’re all here.

Belated Happy Christmas! Better late than never 😛


4 Responses to “Trip to the Philippines ’05”

  1. sandi Says:

    looks like you had fun.

    hope to talk to you soon.

  2. Amy Says:

    Gorgeous Landscape.
    What is that?? Donkey poop? :-p

  3. Jonalden DP. Ferrer Says:

    ei bestie… sino tong dalawang nag comment sabihin mo bisita sila rito i’ll accomodate them… hehehe… anyway nice shots i enjoyed looking at the pictures anyway bye for now keep in touch…

  4. Gerald G Says:

    Haha, “meron” na ata sila.. 😀
    Glad you liked ’em!
    Boracay Island next time ok?

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