Best Blonde Joke

legally-blonde.jpgI usually don’t link to websites with jokes, but this could possibly be the best blonde joke ever. My sides were hurting bad laughing. Is it spelled “blonde” or “blond”? Hmmm…

Anywho.. it’s a good one, go check it out.



Friends are fun to talk about. What are these “friends” you speak of? FYI pets, cellphones and action figures don’t count but just bear with me for a sec here…

There are some that you truly consider a friend because you have known them for a while. Both of you may have started off as acquaintances. The you talk about stuff, mostly driven by the history and what there is in common in between. You do things together for a while and then there will be times, oftentimes a long period of time where you don’t. But when you do, it’s all fine and dandy,which is great.

I love how I reminiscent about the old times with these kind of friends, just like tonight where I got to hang out with an old friend of mine. These times are great. I just love the idea of putting sincere effort in a two-way street to make the relationship work.

Then there are some friends where you invest time and trust with, then at the end if something unfortunate happened, without due explanation, will take a jab at your lower left kidney. In a snap, just like that. Some are caused by misunderstood gripes and grudges and sometimes, one just simply refuse to take a step down and admit fault in their part. Pride issues I guess… that wonderful bond of unity becoming a waste of a chance to learn from each other in the aftermath. I’ve had that happen to me a few times and it does not feel good. It’s like… “What happened? You weren’t the same person as before…”

Ugh. I hate that.

And then there are friends that are just… there. You call them friends just because they’re around for the most part. What you know about these people is not much more than the cover of the book. These are the people that I wanna crack their shells open. I want to know the real them. The reason why I want to be friends with them is that I’m not friends to them in a real sense that they really are my friends. I think I just confused both you and I

Believe it or not, I think people have to reevaluate their friendships. People come and go but real friends stay behind. And I’m pretty sure that my definition of a ‘real’ friend is not someone who I can’t have more than a dull, recognition sidewalk conversation with.

I’m not sure why I have this entry in the first place. I know this is to remind me that I’m only human, and am very naturally inclined to make mistakes and get hurt in the process. And I do. Having people turning their backs on you is not a pleasant feeling. Usually, I try to learn something valuable through from my imperfection.

Friends are definitely life-defining. Life goes on and people, circumstances, attitudes and outlooks change. But those who are true friends amazingly find ways to cope up with it. To my old friends, I really miss you. Time and distance were no barrier to the impact you’ve had in me, moreso, for strengthening our bond even more. To my current and future friends, I’d love to show you how much I love and deeply care for you. I really do.

Gosh I know it sounds so corny, corny (haha), I can’t believe it but I don’t care. It’s all worth remembering.


Chuckie Dolls. Hehe…

smile.jpgSo tonight I had a massive headache, then it disappeared just as fast as it showed up. Afterwards I was bored so I touched Friendster for the first time, well not really the first time but I decided to update that rotting piece of webspace out of its ancient tomb since I created that thing years ago because of family and peer pressure.

It was kinda neat how I browsed through the photos of my old friends and classmates dating all the way back from elementary school. Gosh, most of them changed! They looked a lot very different from the last time I saw them. I wonder if my appearance even changed a bit, I wouldn’t know, cuz no one would tell me…chucky

But here’s the shocker part… Some of them have families of their own! These were my batchmates keep in mind.   Not like luvvy-dovey puppy love lets-get-married-cause-your-hot, but … they’ve got little kids! Not kids like kittens or a dog or a goldfish or a wukka doll.. but a kid! you know like those two-legged creatures running around that look like small human beings. Oh my gulay…

Sometimes I think the world is spinning too fast for me.

Life As Most of Us Don’t Know It

The stretch of High street along campus can be a very interesting scene. Everyday as I walk on my way to class and work and back, I see people of different kinds.

I see college students. I see business owners walking along for a lunch break. I see gorgeous people and not-so-attractive people. Some standing waiting for the bus and some jogging and biking to wherever they go to.

Of course, I can’t miss those homeless people asking for spare change after performing an overdone act. One raps. The other standing around proclaiming “help is on the way!” Be sure to raise your thumb for a pick-up ride.

I wonder if they have families or friends to contact. Or maybe their friends and family have abandoned them. I ask myself if they are aware of a concept called second chance. I wonder if they’ve truly given up on life. I wonder if they have a purpose other than to have people open up their purses or to reach down their pockets probing for dimes and quarters.

Then there are people who work for the local businesses along the street. I bet they see a lot of people too. Each with their own story. I wonder if they enjoy what they do for a living, whether being a part-time cashier in a bookstore, retail salesperson, or a pizza sub maker in the back kitchen. They deal with people everytime. Nice ones, jerks, old and young ones alike.

One employee of that stands out in my memory was a haircutter. He made me sport a really short hair way back last year around Thanksgiving. I liked that cut.

Now I’m not the type of person who chitchats with their haircutter for fear that I might spew out some ridiculous comment that I end up with an irreversible pineapple haircut, but we ended up having a nice talk. He mentioned that I was one of the few people who seemed to actually care about outward appearance, probably because of the nature of our placement at that time.

As skin-deep as that sounded like, it was more immersing than it seemed to be. It turned out that this guy used to be addicted to meth for a long time. Wow… That was before. He underwent therapy and completed his rehab program. He now lives at a shelter downtown and he takes the bus everyday to work to cut hair. He is a homeless man who’s trying to get his life back together. No family or friends, and it’s unfortunate that his family shunned him for his past but the loss is not on him. They might not hear the news of the new life he worked upon himself but I was there to hear what he’s got to say.

From his own mouth: “There’s a fine like between humility and self-embarassment but from someone like me, it’s a crystal clear division.”

There are people we see around that are closed books. Some are lost themselves in a string of bad events. Others are hurt inside, stricken with hopelessness and lack of light. It’s surprising that these people are sitting, waiting, or standing right next to you. I try my best and I encourage you to take a moment to smile and take a peek into their life. You’d be surprised at how fortunate and blessed you really are.

Now excuse me for I need to get a haircut done.

Spin Doctor

Aside from recovering from blogger’s block, I’m apparently out of touch of reality when I never even noticed the snow this morning. It snowed?!  You’re two months late Mr. Winter ’06! See, snow is essential for me to survive the winter blues. It makes me forget the dreariness and clummy atmosphere. And I’m drifting off topic again…

Anyways, I tend to misprioritise the stuff I have to do, including scheduling a doctor’s appointment for my *ahem* and of course, updating this blog. I have this weird mentality that I tend to do the small, irrelevant, least important, useless junk over the important ones. I’m pouring sand first inside the jar instead of rocks. Not good. I gotta work on that.

I’ve been oversleeping again. Not good. But it’s about 3 in the morning, and I just woke up 4 hours ago from an oversized-catlionnap. So off to bed I go again 😎

I am the Second Man, Now

We all started out crying. Unaware. Thankfully welcomed by the two. In a time’s moment —bliss. tranquility. peace– the golden ticket shows…the grand entrance of a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Proudly presents… existence

Helpless. Falling down…

Baby steps… Step one.

Days. Weeks. Months. Years.

Time.Season. Change. Opportunities.

then…Twenty one years later.

…and You’re raising these twenty four voices
With twenty four hearts
With all of my symphonies
In twenty four parts
But I want to be one today — centered and true
I’m singing Spirit take me up in arms with You…

-Jon Foreman

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Speaking of College Majors

“Hi. My name is Gerald. I go to The Ohio State University. I’m a fourth year senior majoring in…. uhh? I dunno…”

On the contrary, I actually do know now what my personal and academic interests are that lead me to finally pick and settle in into a major. It was a long process of trials and errors that finally made me aware that …hey! I gotta graduate soon!

It was just recently I realized that looking back all the way to my freshman year, I was so undecided that I took all these wacky classes in different academic departments that soon I’m turning more and more into a professional student rather than working my way up to graduating with a degree. But then again sense knocked at my head and told me although being a “professional” in school is musely appealing, it’s better off being done with school with a degree earning income than staying in and accumulating student debt. 

Condensed version of my college career:

  • Pre-Health Exploration. Also known as pre-med. Oh yeah, Gerald wanted to be a doctor, haha. Yes, I took a bunch of math and science courses in preparation for a medical profession. Like acne sprout during teenage years, this desire was merely an influx of effort to become somebody who is highly educated, well-respected and highly regarded high-earning professional. I was in for the glory, money, and power. It was my pride, not my desire to use my education and training to become God’s hand to care for and serve the medically ill.
  • Architecture/Art. Eventually I got sick of all the mumbo jumbo that are those math and science courses. Classes in this major was fun. A bunch of artsy-desgnie stuff for me to spend countless hours on, which eventually led me to think that if worse came to worst, I don’t wanna be an gallery-hopping artist drowning in debt drawing caricatures in the streets of New York.
  • Business Administration. Don’t wanna be a Yonker bum? Be a CEO then! Unfortunately, I lost interest because of the chairs in the lecture halls. Freakin’ chairs! Those newly made College of Business’s huge lecture halls came equipped with chairs so unnaturally comfortable they rock rhythmically you feel like a cat in a knick-knack knitting grandma’s lap in a rocking chair by the porch. Add in the professors’ monotonic voices lulls me even deeper into the other side of the underworld dreams.
  • Computer Science. I didn’t want to fall asleep in class. Who would want to sleep during class (assuming one would want to actually learn)? So good-bye business, even though I loved you, I’ve got better things to pursue. So then I challenged myself to analytical thinking of coding, coding, and more coding. Night after night after night. I felt like a mindless automaton. I almost lost it. I had no desire in this major except that money was the motivation for me to enter the field. 😀 Actually this was what I felt in that major for a while:
  • Haha

So all along, I’ve been disillusioned in a belief that I can become what I can be on my own. Ooops, I was wrong. It’s amazing how God can pull us out of the endless loop of self-sustaining desires (power? money? glory?) that we spin around to lead us to our doors uniquely built for each and everyone of us. What lies behind will be a myriad of open possibilities greater than anything ever imagined. It’s just up to us to turn the handle and open. He may bring us to our situation, fate, but it’s ultimately in our choice what to make out of it.

As if you were wondering, I am now completing a degree in Communications with an emphasis on Communication Technology. If time permits, I will then pursue minors (which I already started with) in General Business and Industrial, Interior and Visual Communication Design.