Tickin’ Tock ‘a Tickle

My sleep schedule in the past week had been royally screwed up. I fall asleep in the weirdest times of the day and wake up wide awake when everyone else in the state are having REMs in the lala-land.

Sometimes, I slept for about 18 hours and on the day before New Year’s eve, I was awake for 24 plus something hours.

I feel like I’m still in a different time zone. Twelve hour difference, to be exact. I haven’t returned phone calls, emails, shoutout to my fans … (ya right..). Well, time will pass by and I’ll get things back to normal

Just a thought to share my resolutions this year:

  • I will start on my Atkins diet consisting of fish sticks. bacon, and pure Romaine lettuce. Add in an occational treat of roasted alfalfa.
  • I will wear tightie-whities instead of boxers. Since no one thinks wearing them is cool, I will wear them for at least three days so they won’t be “whities” any longer, just “tighties”. Instant coolness factor! 😀
  • I will turn off the hot water valve on my apartment. Showering with hot water is not a manly discipline. My roomate has to live with my ways.
  • I will start using a tabo instead of the showerhead.
  • I will conserve water by not washing dishes right after I use them. I will let them sit by the sink until they look “worthy” enough to get washed
  • I’m selling my guitars. I will take up cello lessons instead. Gotta expand my horizons..
  • I will spend stupendous amounts of $$$ on electronics.
  • I will create a Myspace account,full of plugins and sangkatutak of HTML markups.
  • I will buy a dog. A very big dog. Like a German sphincter or something.
  • For every “prospect” that I meet, I will insist on taking them to Nini’s spa and pay for their cuticle cleaning.
  • I will work for a grocery store this summer and do America a favor by diluting 2% milk containers with water.
  • I will write a petition to my pastor convincing him to change grape juice into margaritas during communion.
  • I won’t wake up before 10:00 am
  • I won’t attend class or work past 3:00 pm
  • I will take a two-hour nap somewhere in between those times.

What a list I made. I’m excited for what this New Year would bring. 🙂 Why didn’t I thought of this sooner?

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