Speaking of College Majors

“Hi. My name is Gerald. I go to The Ohio State University. I’m a fourth year senior majoring in…. uhh? I dunno…”

On the contrary, I actually do know now what my personal and academic interests are that lead me to finally pick and settle in into a major. It was a long process of trials and errors that finally made me aware that …hey! I gotta graduate soon!

It was just recently I realized that looking back all the way to my freshman year, I was so undecided that I took all these wacky classes in different academic departments that soon I’m turning more and more into a professional student rather than working my way up to graduating with a degree. But then again sense knocked at my head and told me although being a “professional” in school is musely appealing, it’s better off being done with school with a degree earning income than staying in and accumulating student debt. 

Condensed version of my college career:

  • Pre-Health Exploration. Also known as pre-med. Oh yeah, Gerald wanted to be a doctor, haha. Yes, I took a bunch of math and science courses in preparation for a medical profession. Like acne sprout during teenage years, this desire was merely an influx of effort to become somebody who is highly educated, well-respected and highly regarded high-earning professional. I was in for the glory, money, and power. It was my pride, not my desire to use my education and training to become God’s hand to care for and serve the medically ill.
  • Architecture/Art. Eventually I got sick of all the mumbo jumbo that are those math and science courses. Classes in this major was fun. A bunch of artsy-desgnie stuff for me to spend countless hours on, which eventually led me to think that if worse came to worst, I don’t wanna be an gallery-hopping artist drowning in debt drawing caricatures in the streets of New York.
  • Business Administration. Don’t wanna be a Yonker bum? Be a CEO then! Unfortunately, I lost interest because of the chairs in the lecture halls. Freakin’ chairs! Those newly made College of Business’s huge lecture halls came equipped with chairs so unnaturally comfortable they rock rhythmically you feel like a cat in a knick-knack knitting grandma’s lap in a rocking chair by the porch. Add in the professors’ monotonic voices lulls me even deeper into the other side of the underworld dreams.
  • Computer Science. I didn’t want to fall asleep in class. Who would want to sleep during class (assuming one would want to actually learn)? So good-bye business, even though I loved you, I’ve got better things to pursue. So then I challenged myself to analytical thinking of coding, coding, and more coding. Night after night after night. I felt like a mindless automaton. I almost lost it. I had no desire in this major except that money was the motivation for me to enter the field. 😀 Actually this was what I felt in that major for a while:
  • Haha

So all along, I’ve been disillusioned in a belief that I can become what I can be on my own. Ooops, I was wrong. It’s amazing how God can pull us out of the endless loop of self-sustaining desires (power? money? glory?) that we spin around to lead us to our doors uniquely built for each and everyone of us. What lies behind will be a myriad of open possibilities greater than anything ever imagined. It’s just up to us to turn the handle and open. He may bring us to our situation, fate, but it’s ultimately in our choice what to make out of it.

As if you were wondering, I am now completing a degree in Communications with an emphasis on Communication Technology. If time permits, I will then pursue minors (which I already started with) in General Business and Industrial, Interior and Visual Communication Design.


One Response to “Speaking of College Majors”

  1. Jeff Alexander Says:

    Hi Gerald! Great reading…. you have a a gift in writing stuff

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