Spin Doctor

Aside from recovering from blogger’s block, I’m apparently out of touch of reality when I never even noticed the snow this morning. It snowed?!  You’re two months late Mr. Winter ’06! See, snow is essential for me to survive the winter blues. It makes me forget the dreariness and clummy atmosphere. And I’m drifting off topic again…

Anyways, I tend to misprioritise the stuff I have to do, including scheduling a doctor’s appointment for my *ahem* and of course, updating this blog. I have this weird mentality that I tend to do the small, irrelevant, least important, useless junk over the important ones. I’m pouring sand first inside the jar instead of rocks. Not good. I gotta work on that.

I’ve been oversleeping again. Not good. But it’s about 3 in the morning, and I just woke up 4 hours ago from an oversized-catlionnap. So off to bed I go again 😎

One Response to “Spin Doctor”

  1. sandralena Says:

    i’m wishing for another ‘winter wonderland’ day like last wednesday. :-/

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