Chuckie Dolls. Hehe…

smile.jpgSo tonight I had a massive headache, then it disappeared just as fast as it showed up. Afterwards I was bored so I touched Friendster for the first time, well not really the first time but I decided to update that rotting piece of webspace out of its ancient tomb since I created that thing years ago because of family and peer pressure.

It was kinda neat how I browsed through the photos of my old friends and classmates dating all the way back from elementary school. Gosh, most of them changed! They looked a lot very different from the last time I saw them. I wonder if my appearance even changed a bit, I wouldn’t know, cuz no one would tell me…chucky

But here’s the shocker part… Some of them have families of their own! These were my batchmates keep in mind.   Not like luvvy-dovey puppy love lets-get-married-cause-your-hot, but … they’ve got little kids! Not kids like kittens or a dog or a goldfish or a wukka doll.. but a kid! you know like those two-legged creatures running around that look like small human beings. Oh my gulay…

Sometimes I think the world is spinning too fast for me.

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