Friends are fun to talk about. What are these “friends” you speak of? FYI pets, cellphones and action figures don’t count but just bear with me for a sec here…

There are some that you truly consider a friend because you have known them for a while. Both of you may have started off as acquaintances. The you talk about stuff, mostly driven by the history and what there is in common in between. You do things together for a while and then there will be times, oftentimes a long period of time where you don’t. But when you do, it’s all fine and dandy,which is great.

I love how I reminiscent about the old times with these kind of friends, just like tonight where I got to hang out with an old friend of mine. These times are great. I just love the idea of putting sincere effort in a two-way street to make the relationship work.

Then there are some friends where you invest time and trust with, then at the end if something unfortunate happened, without due explanation, will take a jab at your lower left kidney. In a snap, just like that. Some are caused by misunderstood gripes and grudges and sometimes, one just simply refuse to take a step down and admit fault in their part. Pride issues I guess… that wonderful bond of unity becoming a waste of a chance to learn from each other in the aftermath. I’ve had that happen to me a few times and it does not feel good. It’s like… “What happened? You weren’t the same person as before…”

Ugh. I hate that.

And then there are friends that are just… there. You call them friends just because they’re around for the most part. What you know about these people is not much more than the cover of the book. These are the people that I wanna crack their shells open. I want to know the real them. The reason why I want to be friends with them is that I’m not friends to them in a real sense that they really are my friends. I think I just confused both you and I

Believe it or not, I think people have to reevaluate their friendships. People come and go but real friends stay behind. And I’m pretty sure that my definition of a ‘real’ friend is not someone who I can’t have more than a dull, recognition sidewalk conversation with.

I’m not sure why I have this entry in the first place. I know this is to remind me that I’m only human, and am very naturally inclined to make mistakes and get hurt in the process. And I do. Having people turning their backs on you is not a pleasant feeling. Usually, I try to learn something valuable through from my imperfection.

Friends are definitely life-defining. Life goes on and people, circumstances, attitudes and outlooks change. But those who are true friends amazingly find ways to cope up with it. To my old friends, I really miss you. Time and distance were no barrier to the impact you’ve had in me, moreso, for strengthening our bond even more. To my current and future friends, I’d love to show you how much I love and deeply care for you. I really do.

Gosh I know it sounds so corny, corny (haha), I can’t believe it but I don’t care. It’s all worth remembering.


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