Best Blonde Joke

legally-blonde.jpgI usually don’t link to websites with jokes, but this could possibly be the best blonde joke ever. My sides were hurting bad laughing. Is it spelled “blonde” or “blond”? Hmmm…

Anywho.. it’s a good one, go check it out.

4 Responses to “Best Blonde Joke”

  1. Amy V Says:

    ok so it took me 5 web-pages. . . haha.
    I was gonna say. . . .this is the stupidest way to link something . . . EVER. :-p

  2. monica Says:

    gerald!! how’s everything going down in cbus?

  3. Gerald G Says:

    cbus is… ehh.. same ‘ole. at least you have the wax museum there where you can stare at brad pitt all day long…

    You have to come visit down here. I have a new version of the nelson’s nails. 🙂

  4. adriana Says:

    lol. I like the blonde joke.

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