“What’s your name…again?”

Today, my Comm class T.A. announced that for the next meeting, 5 extra credit points are up for grabs if we can name each and everyone’s first name in the class. Now extra credits are supposed to be easy work for a few points, but no no no… Not for me at least.

I’m terrible at remembering names.

To save myself from embarrassment, I’d do some sneaky and inane ways to know their names again without asking directly. One of my favorite techniques to “recall” their name is that when I enter their number entry to my phone, you would hear me say, “How do you spell your name again?”

Smooth, huh? Not only you get their names but their number as well…

Not that I don’t care, it’s just that I most the time I have a hard time matching names to faces.The ones that stands out to me the most are the “extremes” such as the ones who are drop dead gorgeous, people who instantaenously comment an inside ‘classic moment’, someone who I initially “click” with, or the horrifyingly mind-unerasable hideous folks. They just make a way too lasting impression for me to forget about.

In some way this is not a good thing because I might miss out on the average joes’ and janes’, whose types are typically reserved until you get to know each other a lot more. This is one of the issue I’m struggling to be better with because I usually lose the chance to get to know the other person on a deeper level because I don’t find a motivation to do so.

So next time I see you, don’t be mad if I don’t seem to remember your name. I guess I have some sort of a recessive selective memory. Save the stick, and just pretend to not remember my name too. That way we can introduce ourselves to each other again. And we won’t be nameless anymore. Then we can live happily ever after.

2 Responses to ““What’s your name…again?””

  1. Begins with A Says:

    Do you remember my name Gerald? Do you? Do you? 🙂

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