What do you do after not posting a single entry for a month? Hah, if you're like me, no explanation needed, or this case, be given. Let's just say someone just woke up from a blogger's coma :-P.

In reality, I went past by a new checkpoint where everything else that happened before didn't really matter anymore, because tonight I got the mark of a new beginning with a sword of righteousness bestowed to me by the King. With his Word comes my action. Where my action leads to His glory.

Normally I would be annoyed by the tiniest things ever, such as leftover goo on plates even after washing them thoroughly. Not as much anymore though, even right now as I am typing this post while I can see the dust shaking off the ceiling from the generous acoustic blasting upstair neighbor.

To the bottom of it, things are awesomely great, especially around us. But many of us, including me mostly all the time, often get clouded with others things that are beyond us.

We search for answers for questions that are out of our league. These preoccupation gets in our way of thinking what is really important, unfortunately some of us venture to the path of "I will know it all, (sometime, just give me time and I will figure it out...)" which will eventually lead to this thing called "pride".

All it takes is a simple reminder that the answers we're looking for is within the invitation of some carpenter who asked us to follow Him. That is all.