Damn it feels good to be a gangsta’!

It sure does, but it feels better to be a human.

Doesn't it feel good to be "human" once again when you can just talk about mundane stuff (and eventually turning into something profound), with a good friend? This is why I love my coffee buddies (but not their coffee breath, :)). It's real enjoyable engaging in great conversations with such peeps in coffeehouses with topics ranging from latest cheesiest buzz to the theory of relativity.

I dunno, but its great having someone to share your life, dreams, frustrations, memories, and anything else in life, universe and everything — without it turning into a long, tiring debate — just a plain exchange of ideas with an occasional insight as to what the other person is saying …

Times like those are timeless, and moments like those are motionless. They just make you forget and be aware of time. You could lose yourself in the moment, and at the same time "find" yourself throughout the mutual exchange.