“Look Ma, No Hands!”

I’m amazed how God protected our mission team in Lynn, MA throughout last week:

  1. We endured approximately 30 excruitiatingly long hours of driving. It’s like watching the entire trilogy of the Lord of the Rings three times! Only having the difference of me hibernating for the most part of the “movie marathon.”
  2. Had we left Columbus a just a tad few moments later, either we would’ve been crushed by an 12 ton ceiling fragment inside a tunnel , or we would’ve ended up caught in a nightmare chaotic jam in midnight Boston.
  3. I must mention that we received no reports of stabbings, gunshots, abductions, kidnappings, or any sort of disastrous criminal activity while in the inner urban city.
  4. Although feral rats the size of a grandma’s fat cat ran rampant along the neighborhood, especially just outside a storage room where the guys slept in, we gathered sufficient courage enough to battle the terror a pair of red eyes bring that lurks along the garbage corner whenever any of us guys takes a leak during nightfall.
  5. We experienced heavy torrential rains and hail one day and scorching heat the day after. Yet, no heat strokes or bumpy pelted heads! Just a rancid smelling van which resembles a tightly spaced 90 degree sauna cramped with a lot of wet dogs and the aura they emit.
  6. The ample supply of “Fluff” and our overindulgence of Boston Hotdogs. Hehe, you had to be there to understand…
  7. I think construction workers who work for a ministry center need not to have accidental insurance. Evidence? Highschool and college kids showing no signs of hammered pinkies, drilled holes in the feet or hands, or broken bones from not falling off 20 feet ladders.
  8. Most important of all, although we were physically, emotionally, and spiritually fueled out, I never mind those much given by His guidance. Now only if we continually let the hands and feet of God to work on us, then we can truly rely on Him to do the things that we cannot accomplish alone. Then a lot of us won’t feel burdened out that much by the world at all. It’s real good to know that a how a pair of bloody pierced hands lead us to ways we cannot imagine.

Five dolla?!

So sitting here at work, – I have doubts calling this kind of activity, “work” since my job responsibilities in this work-study are absolutely asinine that compares to barely lifting a pinkie.- I encounter a lot of people here. This place is a computer lab where sociology students come and do their work. Aside from a good, hefty pay, in relative to what I’m actually doing, one of the reasons why I love this job is because of random encounters with strangeness.

One of my main duties is “to assist students with software and technical difficulties,” more or less helping people out with Microsoft Ofiice. Now, sometimes I get these real dumb, why-even-bother-to-ask questions such as how to turn on the computer, or if they are allowed to save something off their storage devices… my personal favorite was when this girl asked if she can sit in the chair while trying to print something off… ? Maybe I’ve been here for so long, but such questions often leave be bewildered. Talk about the “Doh!” factor.

I find it hard to justify the pay rate my university is paying me for this kind of job. I mean, is it really worth my effort to sit in my butt surfing the net and feeding printers papers when get it gets paper hungry. But hey I’m not complaining 🙂

Another perk in this job is that I basically have this whole working time for myself to do anything other than working and such doesn’t interfere with working, if that makes sense. Sayin’ it so, I get paid eating, I get paid sleeping (yes, one time I opened the lab early in the morning, sat down, slouched over and slept for 5 hours, woke up, clocked out, made my checking account some $$$ fatter 2 weeks later), and best of all, getting paid while typing down an entry like this, which means by the time you finish reading this post, I am around $47.58 richer than you.