Wake Me Up When the World Sleeps

It’s 3:46 pm right now and I’m still up. I really want this perpetual insomnia to go away ASAP! Perhaps these were just the aftermath from my insane summer class schedule, which are now over by the way. It kinda makes me look forward 2 quarters ahead in my graduation!

Aside from watching from this “Octopussy” James Bond movie that’s on TV right now, I have to admit that I somewhat got hooked on the show series Nip/Tuck. This show really try to deviate across from its limits and I’m lovin’ it. I’m not really an idiot box junkie but tonight’s episode particularly touched on something on what I thought was very profound.

Simply stated, it was merely a situation of one of the doctors self questioning the fundamentals of his medical profession in a triage. It’s where he noticed the difference that emergency surgeons deal with life and death and cosmetic surgeons like him try to attain human perfection through fixing and/or modifying existing physical flaws.

I think we ought to think the same for ourselves. Do we really live as if we are (or not) aware of the long term consequences of every decision we make? Maybe we are or aren’t really aware of what the future would bring which is why we try to fix the broken road along the path to betterment.

What I think is that most of us are not bent for all out being “serious” in life, and neither that we are too care free to ignore the matters that matter. After all, humanity is complicated and what I have in mind is just a way to look at it.

I feel like I’m just cruising by the gist of what I’m really trying to say. Hehe… It’s 4:34 and my eyes feel droopy. I’ll probably just continue this later one (that’s a first, I guess this beats insomnia!).



I’ve been finding myself sleeping on the couch for the past few days because of this tiny creature:


The dang thing cries when being left alone to sleep in the basement. I actually have to keep him company while he sleeps by the floor right next to the couch I’m in. It’s alright, ’cause he now knows the spot where he’s supposed to “get busy.” But still, what an attention whore!

Looking Through the Glass

I’m a little off sided on the CBS interview by Mike Wallace with the Iranian president. Theorically, this interview would’ve been a very good opportunity to spark an understanding between American and the Iranian conflict. It may be proper to seek true and unsolicited straight up answers from the dictator but the way the correspondent used rude and condescending stance among the dialogue makes it sound like he just selectively chooses what he wanted to hear while completely obliterating the other perspective of the story. I dunno, but this confrontational approach kinda disturbs me in terms of journalistical point of view. I was expecting a real professional transaction of understood communication between the two. But on the good side, kudos to CBS for this interview production. I can see this move eventually paving a way to a better enlightenment of both side about the other.