A guy wanted to believe in God, he said all he needed was proof.

Listen, you don’t have proof for anything 100%. You don’t have proof that the material world exists or that your consciousness is really your own. You have faith these things are true because the evidence seems overwhelming in their favor. You don’t have proof other continents exists, that history is accurate, that physics is an accurate description of natural phenomena in our universe. The evidence makes sense, and you have faith it is true. Maybe God doesn’t exist, maybe he does and just doesn’t care about Earth. Who knows? No one does. But we have to believe something, whatever it is. If you don’t feel the Christian God is real, fine. The most you can do is be receptive to it and test it out. If that doesn’t work for you, move on to something and see if it does. You don’t have to become a priest or join Scientology, but you ought to at least feel them out for yourself and see if they touch you in some way. No one will ever prove to you God exists or doesn’t exist or what he’s like. Proof is impossible. Believe and be saved, believe and be damned, believe and rot in the ground. But belief is all you have. No, seriously.

-Insomniac by Force

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One Response to “Ambivalence”

  1. mackie Says:

    Wow. That is sooo true.

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