I’m alive!

Wow… four months! But it’s the new year, so I get to live again. So is my baby.

I have a lot of stuff to talk about. I guess one could say that me not posting anything in a looong while is a good indicator of how I’m doing in many aspects.

It’s kinda weird how today is the first day of my last quarter here. I honestly don’t know what lies ahead of me when I’m done. It’s easy to say that it was all 5 years of preparing for nothing but at the same time I’m kinda hyped on what’s gonna happen next. Who knows. I often think about the graduation jingles and how I am going to pose for the picture in front of the stadium. Hmmm… delicious.

So my only resolution for this year is to stick to it. Little mind of mine needs focus. I confess that I often drift and wander around. Whenever I do, bad things happen. I think it is the bane of procastination, unanswered/late replies whatnot. I figured I need an immediate fix since I’m nearing to enter the “real world” wooo.. That’s one thing.