I’ve been finding myself sleeping on the couch for the past few days because of this tiny creature:


The dang thing cries when being left alone to sleep in the basement. I actually have to keep him company while he sleeps by the floor right next to the couch I’m in. It’s alright, ’cause he now knows the spot where he’s supposed to “get busy.” But still, what an attention whore!


Damn it feels good to be a gangsta’!

It sure does, but it feels better to be a human.

Doesn't it feel good to be "human" once again when you can just talk about mundane stuff (and eventually turning into something profound), with a good friend? This is why I love my coffee buddies (but not their coffee breath, :)). It's real enjoyable engaging in great conversations with such peeps in coffeehouses with topics ranging from latest cheesiest buzz to the theory of relativity.

I dunno, but its great having someone to share your life, dreams, frustrations, memories, and anything else in life, universe and everything — without it turning into a long, tiring debate — just a plain exchange of ideas with an occasional insight as to what the other person is saying …

Times like those are timeless, and moments like those are motionless. They just make you forget and be aware of time. You could lose yourself in the moment, and at the same time "find" yourself throughout the mutual exchange.

Yo’ Momma’s Day

So my mom called yesterday, but there's a story behind it.

As you know, (but for most you probably don't) we rarely get to talk to each other due to geographical separation and some other issues but that's another postlong story. She's a sweet woman and I love her to death and the last time we talked on the phone was about some months ago.

After we hung up, I realised that it was Mother's Day in the Philippines and I never even mentioned anything about it. I totally forgot.

That actually made me felt horrible inside. Who am I to blame? Maybe from the way I was brought up (without a mom), I never really grasped some sense of a motherhood connection until a few years back when I really got to know her. I don't mean to be insensitive but I really wish Mother's Day was more than just a corporate holiday for most.

I really want to send her a rose, but I cant because of some issues too complicated to explain. Well, not exactly a rose but the I'd love to see the look on her face and hear her reaction when she receives it.

This post turned out to be personally serious than I thought it would be. Meh, just some of me showing some soft side. I was going to put up a chokeful of jokes but it swung around instead.

rose for you =)

Happy Mother's Day mom and to all mothers out there ūüôā  

For the long braso-ed kitten

Just for someone who owes me a Beedubs dinner.


“What’s your name…again?”

Today, my Comm class T.A. announced that¬†for the next meeting,¬†5 extra credit points are up for grabs if we can name each and everyone’s first name in the class. Now extra credits are supposed to be¬†easy work for a few points, but no no no… Not for me at least.

I’m terrible at remembering names.

To save myself from embarrassment, I’d do some sneaky and inane ways to know their names again without asking directly. One of my favorite techniques to “recall” their name is that when I enter their number entry¬†to my phone,¬†you¬†would hear me say, “How do you spell your name again?”

Smooth, huh? Not only you get their names but their number as well…

Not that¬†I don’t care, it’s just that I most the time I have a hard time matching names to faces.The ones that stands out to me the most are the “extremes” such as the ones who are drop dead gorgeous,¬†people who instantaenously comment an inside¬†‘classic moment’,¬†someone who I initially “click” with, or¬†the horrifyingly mind-unerasable hideous folks. They just make a way too lasting impression for me to forget about.

In some way this is not a good thing because I might miss out on the average joes’ and janes’, whose types¬†are typically reserved until you get to know each other a lot more. This is one of the issue I’m struggling to be better with because I usually lose the chance to get to know the other person on a deeper level because I don’t find a motivation to do so.

So next time I see you, don’t be mad if I don’t seem to remember your name. I guess I have some sort of a recessive selective memory. Save the stick, and just pretend to not remember my name too. That way we can introduce ourselves to each other again. And we won’t be nameless anymore. Then we can live happily ever after.


Friends are fun to talk about. What are these “friends” you speak of? FYI pets, cellphones¬†and action figures don’t count but just bear with me for a sec here…

There are some that you truly consider a friend because you have known them for a while. Both of you may have started off as acquaintances. The you talk about stuff, mostly driven by the history and what there is in common in between. You do things together for a while and then there will be times, oftentimes a long¬†period of time¬†where you don’t. But when you do, it’s all fine and dandy,which is great.

I love how I reminiscent about the old times with these kind of friends, just like tonight where I got to hang out with an old friend of mine. These times are great. I just love the idea of putting sincere effort in a two-way street to make the relationship work.

Then there are some friends where you invest time and trust with, then at the end if something unfortunate happened, without due explanation, will take a jab at your lower left kidney. In a snap, just like that. Some are caused by misunderstood gripes and grudges¬†and sometimes, one just simply refuse to take a step down and admit fault in their part. Pride issues I guess… that wonderful bond of unity becoming a waste¬†of a¬†chance to learn from each other in the aftermath. I’ve had that happen to me a few times and it does not feel good. It’s like… “What happened? You weren’t the same person as before…”

Ugh. I hate that.

And then there are friends that are just… there. You call them friends just because¬†they’re around for the most part. What you know about these people¬†is not much more than the cover of the book. These are the people that I wanna crack their shells open. I want to know the real them.¬†The reason why I want to be friends with them is that I’m not friends to them in a real sense that they really are my friends. I think I just¬†confused both you and I.¬†

Believe it or not, I think people have to reevaluate their friendships. People come and go but real friends stay behind. And I’m pretty sure that my definition of a ‘real’ friend is not someone who I can’t have more than a dull, recognition sidewalk conversation with.

I’m not sure why I have this entry in the first place. I know this is to remind me that I’m only human, and am very naturally inclined to make mistakes and get hurt in the process. And I do. Having people turning their backs on you is not a pleasant feeling. Usually,¬†I try to learn something valuable through from my imperfection.

Friends are definitely life-defining. Life goes on and people, circumstances, attitudes and outlooks¬†change. But those who are true friends amazingly find¬†ways to cope up with it. To my old friends, I really miss you. Time and distance were no barrier to the impact you’ve had in me, moreso, for¬†strengthening our bond even more. To my current and future friends, I’d love to show you how much I love and deeply care for you. I really do.

Gosh I know it sounds so corny, corny (haha), I can’t believe it but I don’t care. It’s all worth remembering.


Chuckie Dolls. Hehe…

smile.jpgSo tonight I had a massive headache, then it disappeared just as fast as it showed up. Afterwards I was bored so I touched Friendster for the first time, well not really the first time but I decided to update that rotting piece of webspace out of its ancient tomb since I created that thing years ago because of family and peer pressure.

It was kinda neat how I browsed through the photos of my old friends and classmates dating all the way back from elementary school. Gosh, most of them changed! They looked a lot very different from the last time I saw them. I wonder if my appearance even changed a bit, I wouldn’t know, cuz no¬†one would tell me…chucky

But here’s the shocker part… Some of them have families of their own! These were my batchmates keep in mind.¬†¬† Not like luvvy-dovey puppy love lets-get-married-cause-your-hot, but … they’ve got little kids! Not kids like kittens or a dog or a goldfish or a wukka doll.. but a kid! you know like those two-legged creatures running around that look like small human beings. Oh my gulay…

Sometimes I think the world is spinning too fast for me.