Greetings from Shalimar, Florida.

If anything I learned from this spring break,

God moves in mysterious ways.

For real.


Eye of the Storm

Everything in my path seems to be in an organized chaotic spin as of late. Although it’s not necessarily a bad thing because I could somehow grab the bull by the horns and lead its rampage off the other direction. I don’t know if it is unconscious oblivion taking over or the awareness of disorganization immunity. Or maybe I’m just plainly apathetic about anything in just about everything.

Ever had these days? It’s two weeks before finals week. I have a three final exams and a super duper time consuming final creative design project due all next week. And I’m three days away from that ‘next week’. The unfortunate matter is that those three days are the days where I’m inclined to do other things that I ought to do otherwise. –I just confused myself.

a.k.a the weekend.

This is supposedly the time where “freaking-out” mode usually sets in. But the funny thing is, I don’t find myself to be worried about anything at all. This could mean that its either real good, or reall baaddd…

I mean, how carefree can you be at the same time withholding all your stresses?

I lack that ability. Instead of firing up my brain of all these tasks for next week, I find myself thinking of something else different.

I wonder if I’m gonna get that internship… I wonder what’s up in God’s sleeve in regards to what I’m going to be in three years… I’m sure dad and step-mom would love their new home, as I’m falling for it too… I hope my effort pays off as I wish bes fren finds a way to continue his grad studies here…When will the state of Ohio legalize ownership of a pet monkey?…Whatever am I gonna do when it comes to the rapidly depleting “Gerald funds”… I should get a job soon…

Bah, I may be over-psychoanalyzing things that I even forget to do the basic commonalities. Papers are scattered everywhere in my bedroom. I should clean this pigsty up.