Grapes are Sour

Two more weeks and the quarter's over. The usual end of the quarter rush is starting to set in. I really want to get this quarter over and done with, not because of academic reasons but I'm looking forward to summer. Speaking of which, summertime is nice on campus. It's quiet. I get to wear sandals and thongs all day long. Did I mention quiet? As in like this quiet:


And I can also capture the complete market share for the duck feeding at the lake.

Unfortunate news. Car's beaten up, badly by some drunken monkeys off the parking space outside. I can't wait to find a subletter to take my place, next thing I know I'll find out my front tires would be slashed. Back to ducks, one of the baby ones died 😦 poor thing.

Typing this is rather difficult cause I keep blinking every .24 seconds. Either a stray lint or I think i've accumulated some solidified eye goo somewhere inside my left eye. Meh, I need to change my contact… It kinda makes me appreciate the gift of sight. Can you imagine the people without it? I admire those who have eyesight problems but can still see and appreciate beauty with more than a 20/20 perspective precision.

That's what I'm trying to perpetually change in me. I tend to notice my shortcomings instead of counting and sharing my blessings. So much for our mainstream culture where materialism saturation is apparent. It's too bad that most of us don't realize how fortunate we are in comparison to the other parts of the world. Hopefully, and I know that overtime, we would be able to capture more than "small living" for ourselves, because there's something bigger and more beautiful out there than ourselves.


Yo’ Momma’s Day

So my mom called yesterday, but there's a story behind it.

As you know, (but for most you probably don't) we rarely get to talk to each other due to geographical separation and some other issues but that's another postlong story. She's a sweet woman and I love her to death and the last time we talked on the phone was about some months ago.

After we hung up, I realised that it was Mother's Day in the Philippines and I never even mentioned anything about it. I totally forgot.

That actually made me felt horrible inside. Who am I to blame? Maybe from the way I was brought up (without a mom), I never really grasped some sense of a motherhood connection until a few years back when I really got to know her. I don't mean to be insensitive but I really wish Mother's Day was more than just a corporate holiday for most.

I really want to send her a rose, but I cant because of some issues too complicated to explain. Well, not exactly a rose but the I'd love to see the look on her face and hear her reaction when she receives it.

This post turned out to be personally serious than I thought it would be. Meh, just some of me showing some soft side. I was going to put up a chokeful of jokes but it swung around instead.

rose for you =)

Happy Mother's Day mom and to all mothers out there 🙂  

For the long braso-ed kitten

Just for someone who owes me a Beedubs dinner.