Super Five

So my fifth year had officially started (gawd soo old!) as of last week, and I am awfully busy more than ever! Aside studying fulltime with 19 credit hours, I work on the side and sprinkle that with a generous shot of internship, plus a cherry of other school related activities to top it all off. However, this quarter seems to the best one I’ve had so far since I’ve been spending a lot of time with the big J amidst all my hecticness. It’s awesome. I see big changes coming to campus this year!


2 Responses to “Super Five”

  1. Lydia Says:

    I find it hard ot believe I’ve known you for like 4 years! Granted, we’re not the best of friends, but still…. makes me feel old lol

  2. Amy V Says:

    wow. That’s a lot on your plate (or was last semester). You must be a far more motivated person than I.

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