Looking Through the Glass

I’m a little off sided on the CBS interview by Mike Wallace with the Iranian president. Theorically, this interview would’ve been a very good opportunity to spark an understanding between American and the Iranian conflict. It may be proper to seek true and unsolicited straight up answers from the dictator but the way the correspondent used rude and condescending stance among the dialogue makes it sound like he just selectively chooses what he wanted to hear while completely obliterating the other perspective of the story. I dunno, but this confrontational approach kinda disturbs me in terms of journalistical point of view. I was expecting a real professional transaction of understood communication between the two. But on the good side, kudos to CBS for this interview production. I can see this move eventually paving a way to a better enlightenment of both side about the other.


Five dolla?!

So sitting here at work, – I have doubts calling this kind of activity, “work” since my job responsibilities in this work-study are absolutely asinine that compares to barely lifting a pinkie.- I encounter a lot of people here. This place is a computer lab where sociology students come and do their work. Aside from a good, hefty pay, in relative to what I’m actually doing, one of the reasons why I love this job is because of random encounters with strangeness.

One of my main duties is “to assist students with software and technical difficulties,” more or less helping people out with Microsoft Ofiice. Now, sometimes I get these real dumb, why-even-bother-to-ask questions such as how to turn on the computer, or if they are allowed to save something off their storage devices… my personal favorite was when this girl asked if she can sit in the chair while trying to print something off… ? Maybe I’ve been here for so long, but such questions often leave be bewildered. Talk about the “Doh!” factor.

I find it hard to justify the pay rate my university is paying me for this kind of job. I mean, is it really worth my effort to sit in my butt surfing the net and feeding printers papers when get it gets paper hungry. But hey I’m not complaining 🙂

Another perk in this job is that I basically have this whole working time for myself to do anything other than working and such doesn’t interfere with working, if that makes sense. Sayin’ it so, I get paid eating, I get paid sleeping (yes, one time I opened the lab early in the morning, sat down, slouched over and slept for 5 hours, woke up, clocked out, made my checking account some $$$ fatter 2 weeks later), and best of all, getting paid while typing down an entry like this, which means by the time you finish reading this post, I am around $47.58 richer than you. 

Eye of the Storm

Everything in my path seems to be in an organized chaotic spin as of late. Although it’s not necessarily a bad thing because I could somehow grab the bull by the horns and lead its rampage off the other direction. I don’t know if it is unconscious oblivion taking over or the awareness of disorganization immunity. Or maybe I’m just plainly apathetic about anything in just about everything.

Ever had these days? It’s two weeks before finals week. I have a three final exams and a super duper time consuming final creative design project due all next week. And I’m three days away from that ‘next week’. The unfortunate matter is that those three days are the days where I’m inclined to do other things that I ought to do otherwise. –I just confused myself.

a.k.a the weekend.

This is supposedly the time where “freaking-out” mode usually sets in. But the funny thing is, I don’t find myself to be worried about anything at all. This could mean that its either real good, or reall baaddd…

I mean, how carefree can you be at the same time withholding all your stresses?

I lack that ability. Instead of firing up my brain of all these tasks for next week, I find myself thinking of something else different.

I wonder if I’m gonna get that internship… I wonder what’s up in God’s sleeve in regards to what I’m going to be in three years… I’m sure dad and step-mom would love their new home, as I’m falling for it too… I hope my effort pays off as I wish bes fren finds a way to continue his grad studies here…When will the state of Ohio legalize ownership of a pet monkey?…Whatever am I gonna do when it comes to the rapidly depleting “Gerald funds”… I should get a job soon…

Bah, I may be over-psychoanalyzing things that I even forget to do the basic commonalities. Papers are scattered everywhere in my bedroom. I should clean this pigsty up.

“What’s your name…again?”

Today, my Comm class T.A. announced that for the next meeting, 5 extra credit points are up for grabs if we can name each and everyone’s first name in the class. Now extra credits are supposed to be easy work for a few points, but no no no… Not for me at least.

I’m terrible at remembering names.

To save myself from embarrassment, I’d do some sneaky and inane ways to know their names again without asking directly. One of my favorite techniques to “recall” their name is that when I enter their number entry to my phone, you would hear me say, “How do you spell your name again?”

Smooth, huh? Not only you get their names but their number as well…

Not that I don’t care, it’s just that I most the time I have a hard time matching names to faces.The ones that stands out to me the most are the “extremes” such as the ones who are drop dead gorgeous, people who instantaenously comment an inside ‘classic moment’, someone who I initially “click” with, or the horrifyingly mind-unerasable hideous folks. They just make a way too lasting impression for me to forget about.

In some way this is not a good thing because I might miss out on the average joes’ and janes’, whose types are typically reserved until you get to know each other a lot more. This is one of the issue I’m struggling to be better with because I usually lose the chance to get to know the other person on a deeper level because I don’t find a motivation to do so.

So next time I see you, don’t be mad if I don’t seem to remember your name. I guess I have some sort of a recessive selective memory. Save the stick, and just pretend to not remember my name too. That way we can introduce ourselves to each other again. And we won’t be nameless anymore. Then we can live happily ever after.

“…I hope you have the time of your life…” – Greenday

Welcome to Ohio!Ohio weather sucks.


Who wants to walk around cold, blue-ey, slushie-icky brown snow, nasty, gloomy and bleugh!

Or maybe I’m just complaining too much. Or not. But the weather really does blow. I can just see myself settling down somewhere in California after I graduate. Or not. Then again, that’s me setting a goal for myself which will eventually wind down to be not the best one for me.

Actually a lot of fellow students here may share the same plan as I do, as in having bright plans ahead in the future while meticulously trying to finish college. Livin’ like the best is yet to come. Extreme behaviors of such kind include the ones who rot their mind away in libraries studying till dusk, all in a namesake of not getting below an “A”. God forbid they get a B- in a pop quiz. I’m getting a notion that Fortune 500 companies never hire anyone with a GPA below 3.8.

Then there are some who seem to live like there would be no tomorrow. As in not caring a bit or none at all for classes. Same people look forward to the weekend’s binge drinking. College only come once, right? So why not have all the fun you can have? So come on! Livin’ la vida loca!

Seems to me that something is wrong in both mentalities. Most people are blindly preoccupied with a particular segment of their lifetime. Like thinking that college is the best time of their life, and those who itch away from their present situations and form visions of themselves living a perfect dream come true, somewhere, sometime, in the near future.

To those with these kind of attitudes, they are simply cheating themselves out of true happiness. Everytime is the best time of your life. It is in every moment where one can find opportunities and find valuable lessons life brings. The true joy of life is having a purpose to live for. What do you live for? A splendid career? A gazillion network of friends and social contacts? Recognition of some achievement? Having dreams is a good thing. In fact, I dream a lot, especially daydreaming. But dreams and success are not certain. Only One thing is.

Now Ohio weather isn’t really that bad anymore, heh…

…as long as I have my cup of marshmallow-loaded hot Swiss chocolate ::smile::.

Chuckie Dolls. Hehe…

smile.jpgSo tonight I had a massive headache, then it disappeared just as fast as it showed up. Afterwards I was bored so I touched Friendster for the first time, well not really the first time but I decided to update that rotting piece of webspace out of its ancient tomb since I created that thing years ago because of family and peer pressure.

It was kinda neat how I browsed through the photos of my old friends and classmates dating all the way back from elementary school. Gosh, most of them changed! They looked a lot very different from the last time I saw them. I wonder if my appearance even changed a bit, I wouldn’t know, cuz no one would tell me…chucky

But here’s the shocker part… Some of them have families of their own! These were my batchmates keep in mind.   Not like luvvy-dovey puppy love lets-get-married-cause-your-hot, but … they’ve got little kids! Not kids like kittens or a dog or a goldfish or a wukka doll.. but a kid! you know like those two-legged creatures running around that look like small human beings. Oh my gulay…

Sometimes I think the world is spinning too fast for me.

Spin Doctor

Aside from recovering from blogger’s block, I’m apparently out of touch of reality when I never even noticed the snow this morning. It snowed?!  You’re two months late Mr. Winter ’06! See, snow is essential for me to survive the winter blues. It makes me forget the dreariness and clummy atmosphere. And I’m drifting off topic again…

Anyways, I tend to misprioritise the stuff I have to do, including scheduling a doctor’s appointment for my *ahem* and of course, updating this blog. I have this weird mentality that I tend to do the small, irrelevant, least important, useless junk over the important ones. I’m pouring sand first inside the jar instead of rocks. Not good. I gotta work on that.

I’ve been oversleeping again. Not good. But it’s about 3 in the morning, and I just woke up 4 hours ago from an oversized-catlionnap. So off to bed I go again 😎